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Surf Stuff
by Warren Stalley

In my humble opinion Surf is the best album ever made by Roddy Frame. It was recorded in his living room on his iMac. The low fidelity soundscape really suits these songs and his voice. Basically it's an unplugged album following the back to basics approach of The North Star. However where the album really excels is in its masterful lyrics and aching vocals. I cannot think of any other Aztec Camera or Roddy Frame album where the words touch the listener so deeply. There's a directness conveyed by the acoustic melodies that could only be diluted by the introduction of a backing band. The only thing lacking, and it's only a selfish remark, is the wonderful The Sea Is Wide, a b-side from a previous single which I feel would've complemented Surf so perfectly. To talk about the lyrics and melodies would take too many pages and spoil the magic of this album. Enough talking, now listen.   

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