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Mistaken Identity
by Brad Dayton

In 1985 my friends and I went to see Aztec Camera in Salt
Lake City. It was a general admission show so we got there several hours early to hang around the place.

A van pulled up and 4 guys got out. I said, "Hey, are you A Drop in the Grey?" That was the name of the support band. They seemed annoyed, muttered and walked into the arena. A few minutes later, to our horror, we watched as these same four walked onto the stage to warm up... it was Roddy and the boys! I was so thoroughly embarrassed. My only excuse is that Roddy had cut his hair very, very short. Much shorter than the photos on Knife. I still feel sad for them as I'm sure they were a bit humiliated since we thought they were A Drop in the Grey (a horrible band, by the way).

My humiliation was softened as I was able to catch Roddy's scottish tartan tie when he threw it to the crowd during the show. I still have and cherish it to this day! They did "Jump", "Born in the USA" and "Like A Virgin" in the encore just before Roddy threw his guitar in the air and let it smash and Dave Ruffy kicked over his drum set. I think it was pure adrenaline mixed with a bit of anger over being mistaken for talentless slobs.   

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