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A Little Help from The Boy Wonder
by Albert Z. Chincuanco

I've been listening to Aztec Camera since high school in the Philippines. In '95, in Houston, a friend of my sister visited our home with a friend of hers. At this time I was alone and, for the first time in my life, built a bonfire in our backyard from the tree limbs that I pruned earlier in the day. I also took out my stereo and was playing the Dreamland tape. So, I asked them to join me.

After several songs her friend Suzie asked me what band that was... Aztec Proud that I am told her that she probably never heard of this band called Aztec Camera. She said "Oh, I have High Land Hard Rain on vinyl." I was pleasantly surprised that someone other than myself knew of Aztec Camera in Country Music Land! So we went on talking about Roddy's music. Later that night, I gave her the tape. I figured, this woman is one in a million... I'll give her something that I considered precious. Soon after that we became a couple.

Fast forwarding 5 3/4 years... we went out on a date, had dinner, and I took her home. I went to a friend's house 3 blocks away (where I had invited about 40 of our friends to show up). A good friend of mine and I had been rehearsing "Do I Love You" (Roddy's version of course) for the past week. This was the night. We walked (all 40 of us) to her apartment building. I called her on a cell phone and serenaded the song to her. She came down and I proposed to her. She is now my fiance. We're marrying soon.   

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