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Mixed Up Love
Words and music by Roddy Frame

Can't figure out what this is all about,
maybe tomorrow...
Can't seem to see how laughing out loud
could make such a sad sound
Mixed up love and understanding,
got the two confused somehow
You'd think that I'd know better now

Pennies, scattered wishes 'neath the ripples,
seem tossed in in sorrow
To me, 'cos when I miss you, sadness grips me
and the world gets painted grey
Mixed up love and understanding,
made a fist of what we'd found
Wish I'd just hung around, today

Then, later, as the moon spilled down the street
it seemed to me
That there was nowhere else you'd rather be,
well I agree
I mixed up love and understanding,
didn't know I didn't need to know
Wish I'd known years ago

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