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Turning the World Around
Words and music by Roddy Frame

Wrestling with the shadows of the night
I feel my whole world slipping through my fists
It's like I've got nothing goin'
and what I know's not worth knowin'
Then the first burst of the yellow morning light
filters through the tracing paper mist
And I find myself freewheelin' through my fear
and those old feelings all take flight

It's like the sun releases my soul as they fall away
They're broken into pieces by the toll of the everyday
Love and small ambitions and good hearts run aground
The pull of our condition, turning the world around

Turning my world over in my head,
memories swimming round me chase their tails
A raging ocean brimming with hungry sharks, still circling
Seven seas all drowning me in dread,
drag me down again and shred my sails
Then she calls to talk and I'm clinging to the rock
of something simple that she said

Rain washed conversations, born from winter blues
Sprung from situations seen from somewhere new
August burned ecstatic, Autumn coming down
Tiny twists of magic, turning the world around

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