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High Class Music
Words and music by Roddy Frame

The guy in the tie could bust his jaw with careless laughter
His world weary sigh implies belief in the ever after
His till takes its toll to his relief
He checks his watch, thinks time's a thief

Tick and years fly past, trailing half-remembered hymns,
He nailed his colours to the mast and now the ship is steering him
He hears...
Jewelled fingers drumming
German engines humming
A fanfare of stares
Orchestrated sneers
High class music

Beware of the line that says your burden will be surrendered
Share it with mine, let your words be true and tender
Stretch out your body and free
Not on some shaded sands but here with me

Has your soul lost shape? Is it too torn to heal?
Let my whole world be draped over its foreignness of feeling,

Love me do,
I'm a-gonna love you too
No high class music
Just me and you

Love, like a light, let me see my secret places
Shine hard and bright, set me free from heirs and graces
Snuff out the dark and let me see
The part of you that's part of me

Flash and fears take flight,
Flash and fears take flight
Guide me surely to her kiss
Dashing my maybes and my mights against the certainty of this

Here comes the night
Made over by Miró
Tracks twist through darkness,
Stars gasp in oceans
Birds burst from trees
No high class music
Just you and me

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