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Your Smile Has Stopped The Hands Of Time
Words and music by Roddy Frame

Originally Appears on Japanese 13-track versions of "Surf" LP.

The skeletal limbs of the trees, daring the girls to compete
All eyebrows and elbows and knees, knocking the guys off their feet
You say you'll never belong, let the stars shine and prove you wrong
Sadness will string you along
Your smile could stop the hands of time

Darkness broke like a wave and left all your feelings afloat
You drowned in the sounds as they played, carried away on the notes
Now the music is making you yawn,
Just there on the air to hang your feelings upon
But the world's singing your song
Come on, let's stop the hands of time

The heavens above encircle you, straining to catch a glimpse
Of what happens when love slips out of view
Instead of just crashing in

Feeling so out of place on this planet that's whirling through space
Wipe that frown from your face
Your smile has stopped the hands of time

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