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The Sea is Wide
Words and music by Roddy Frame

Appears on CD2 of the "Reason for Living" single.

Sea, sea of fire
It's my desire
To cross you, but I don't know how
Me, my mind may tire
And my heart's a choir
Singin' of your sacredness
Callin' out its loneliness
Yearnin' for nearness
Drownin' out the fear in this
Situation of strandedness
My fate is in my hands
As I survey this great divide

My mood is an ocean blue
And if wishes were my crew
They'd carry me to you
On the other side
But the sun moves high and slow
And I'm longin' here below
For where your moon is hangin' low
But the sea is wide

So I stand and gaze
On the sheer blue glaze
That's mirroring my emptiness
Waves break and burst
And I slake my thirst
Memories of you and me
That draw me under helplessly
Down into that dark recess
Drownin' in her tenderness
I feel the folds of her flowin' dress
Fall away with my caress
Make her form familiar to me
Is this urge peculiar to me?
Do you miss me, too?
And are we bound to be?

Will your warm embraces wait?
Or did I leave it all too late?
For the shiftin' force of fate
To turn the tide
May you share the faith I keep
As your driftin' out to sleep
And may it always run as deep
As the sea is wide

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