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Just Like Gold
Words and music by Roddy Frame

Actually an "A" side, this was Aztec Camera's first-ever release on Postcard Records in January of 1981.

Over fields and hills
Waits a train for us
But we're here because
And I'm counting
Up to nine again
Up to nine again
That's how long it lasts

Is there still a gift,
Something we can use?
Oh, I'm sorry I'm late
But I started to wait
And discovered I'd lost my shoes
With gold and my excuse
It's only there for you

I show you jewels you've seen
A thousand times
And then I tell you
That those jewels were never mine
So when you're asking me
To find that feeling for you
What can I say?
It's there until it goes away and

If they had voices then
They'd whisper threats
When they come, they come
In silouettes
Take my arms and tell me
Don't forget
I had a story, oh,
I hope I haven't sold it yet and

If I could take you there again someday
You'd only say we'd been there anyway
You'd find your diamonds
But they'd fade away to ash
You're flying backwards
Now you lose more every time you crash and

Now I'm aware of where it's
Safe to me
I found my shoes and then I
Found my feet
So when you're asking me
To define that feeling for you
That's what I'll say
It's there until that
Gold just slips away

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