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Set the Killing Free
Words and music by Roddy Frame

B-Side to "Walk Out to Winter", released in April of 1983. Also appears on the Japanese Aztec Camera compilation "Covers and Rare" and a various artists compilation called "Revenge of the Killer B's".

We are tirelessly talking
And rushing and walking
And digging the graves of our sins
Oh, we must dig so deep
That there's something for keeps
But that's where my story begins
I've been drumming my fingers
And bumming with singers
Who'd sung with a watch at a wake
And they blamed rock 'n' roll
For the sleep in their soul
And they swore they had nothing to shake.

Oh, Jesus in heaven
What's become of me?
Oh, shake it and break it
Set the killing free

When the money gets short
I am holding the fort
Like I'm smiling with smoke in my eyes
So swim over the road
To my humble abode
With your lips like a sucking surprise
If it's a hassle to do
Get a ticket for two
And we'll reach for tomorrow tonight
When we hit font en blue
Then our ticket for two
Is a pass to the place of the night


Hey, I need the address
Of the house of caress
'Cos my side of the bargain is bust
It won't come on a plate
Of fine silver from fate
So I'll chase it with wonder and lust
Since I signed for no rest
I'll submit to the test
Of a body marked suffering slim
And I've torn it apart
From my head to my heart
And I'm left with a whore and a hymn


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