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Words and music by Roddy Frame

Does not yet appear on any release.
Thanks to Steve O'Donoghue for transcribing the lyrics

Later in the evening as the flowers see you grieving
from the way it's gone.
Know that I'm believing in you
hope your hearts not blossoming with bygones

I know this is not just an irrational belief
floats with the logic of the far away.
Sailing on the wind, there's logic in where love begins.
I know this is not just an emotional release
It's a fragment of a bigger piece,
of a picture pulled apart,a masterpiece,a work of art.

Later almost morning see the city start to yawn
and hide it's self away.
Escaping through the throng it takes a bit of you
it's a dawn and here's another day.

I know it feels like a curtain up with no time to rehearse
infact it's a fabric of the universe.
Draping us in summer days abloom and life has to go again...

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