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The Crying Scene

Tabs by Sandy Manson
Chords Used: (verse only)

    E   A   D   G   B   E

C   X   X   5   5   5   X
F   X   X   7   5   6   X


C -------------- F ------
We were two in a million,

C -----------------------------
Stars like the ones in the sky,

------------------ Am ----
A love scene and a vision,

G ------------------------------------
We saw the world and we waved goodbye.

C ------------------- F ------
Watched the fireworks falling,

C --------------------- Am -
We kissed and innocence died.

F -----------------------------
The sound of certainty calling,

G --------------------------------
A world that wouldn't be satisfied.


Fmaj7 ---------- G ----------------------- C -
You only get one hit, that's the beauty of it,

------------------ Am ----
What's the good in crying?

Fmaj7 --------------- G -------------------- C --
It's always been that way, at the end of the day,

----------------- Am ---- Am - G - F
You gotta keep on trying.

----------------- G --------- C ---------------- F ---
Life's a one take movie and I don't care what it means,

--- Am --------- G ----------- C -----------
I'm saving up my tears for the crying scene.

(As Before)
    Tears fall and they haunt me,
    The sad words of a song,
    It's like necessity wants me,
    Sometimes I long just to belong.
    I dream of demons and money,
    I see the straights in the rain,
    I gotta keep on movin',
    Before they drag me down again...




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