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Good Morning Britain

Tabs by Rick Strang

I used the acoustic version from "Dream Sweet Dreams" CD1 to tab this.
It sounds great at a gentle pace with open ringing chords.

Chords Used:

                        E   A   D   G   B   E
E --------------------- O   2   2   1   O   O
E7                      O   2   O   1   3   O
A --------------------- O   O   2   2   2   O
C#m                     4   4   6   6   5   4
B --------------------- 2   2   4   4   4   2
Am                      O   O   2   2   1   O


E ----------------------------
Jock's got a vote in parochia.

E7 -------------------------------------
Ten long years, and we've still got her.

A ------------------------
Paying tax and doing stir.

C#m ---------- B ----
Worry about it later.

------- E -------------------------------------
And the wind blows hard and the wind blows cold

------ E7 ------------------------------
But it blows us good so we've been told.

A ------------------------------------
Music's food 'til the "art-biz" folds.

C#m ------------ B ------
Let them all eat culture.


--- E -- E7 ----------- A --- E ----
The past is filled with shame

----- A ----- Am -- E --- 
But tomorrow's fair game.

----- E -- E7 ----------- A --- E ----
For a life that's fit for living;

A -- Am ---- E ------
Good Morning Britain.

(Verse 2 as before)
    Twenty years and a loaded gun.
    Funerals, fear and the war's not won.
    Paddy's just a figure of fun.
    It lightens up the danger.
    And a corporal sneers at a Catholic boy
    And eyes his gun like a rich man's toy.
    He's killing more than Celtic joy.
    Death is not a stranger.
    Taffy's time's gonna come one day.
    It's a loud sweet voice and it won't give way.
    A house is not a holiday.
    Your son's are leaving home Neil.
    In the hills and the valleys and far away
    You can hear the song of democracy.
    The echo of eternity
    With a "rakka-rakka" feel.

[Instrumental - from "Skye Boat Song"]
(Play x2)

E --- E7 --- A --- B ---
E --- A --- E ----------

(Verse 3 as before)
    From the Tyne to where the Thames does flow
    My English brothers and sisters know
    It's not a case of where you go,
    It's race and creed and colour.

    From the police cell to the deep dark grave
    On the underground's just a stop a way.
    Don't be too black, don't be to gay,
    Just get a little duller.
    But in this green and pleasant land
    Where I make my home I'll make my stand.
    Make it cool just to be a man.
    A uniform's a traitor.
    Love is international
    So if you stand or if yo fall
    Just let them know you gave your all.
    Worry about it later.



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