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The Boy Wonders

Tabs by Sandy Manson

Only giving one chord - the rest should be pretty standard. During the
verse, to add authenticity, the Dm7 chord can be interspersed with the Em11
chord. This is the easiest chord in the world. Just strum all the strings open.
The Cmaj7 chord can be interspersed with the C6 chord, which is a little harder...

Chords Used:

        E   A   D   G   B   E
F#dim   X   X   4   5   4   5

Verse 1:

Dm7 --------------------- Cmaj7 -----------------
I brought you some francs from my travelling chest

Dm7 ----------------------- Cmaj7 -------------------
You'll spare me the thanks 'til you know I'm the best

Dm7 ----------- Cmaj7 -------------------
So come Hogmonay when love comes in slurs

Dm7 ---------------- G ---------------------- E7 ---
Resolutions I'll make and you can label them 'Hers'

-- F ------------------------- Am --------------------
We threw our hands up high we, nearly touched the sky,

-- F ----------------------------------
We clicked our heels and spat and swore

---- D7 --------- F#dim
We'd never let it die


C ----------- E7 ----
All those boy wonders

Fmaj7 --------------------- C ------------
Sold their medals when they saw this train

------------ E7 ----
Now this boy wonders

Fmaj7 --------------------- C ---------
When he'll feel the fall of honest rain

----------- E7 ------ Fmaj7 -------------------- C ------
I came from high land where the hopefuls have to hesitate

------------- E7 ---
Now this boy wonders

Fmaj7 ------------------ G ------------
Why the words were never worth the wait

--- F -- E -- F#dim - E7 --
I'm wait-ing, wai-----ting.

F ----------------------------
In pastel paper pink over grey

We wrap, wrap, wrap and chuck, chuck away

------------------------------------ G ----
The poor excuse they peddle as their prose.

(as before)
    Dry your tears, tie your tongue
	And you're never sixteen
    And I'll give you a glimpse
	Of the hard and the clean
    And my travelling chest will be open to you
    And boy will you learn that you haven't a clue


A ------------- Db7 ------ F#m --------------- A --
I even asked my best friend but he could not explain

---------------- Db7 ----
It hit me when I left him

- F#m ------------- Db7 -------------
I felt the rain and called it genius,

F#dim ----------
Called it genius.

(Repeat Chorus)

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