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The Fan Essay section of Killermont Street was inspired by the wonderful things that Aztec Camera fans were submitting to both the old guestbook and mailing list. The general idea being, "If someone can write a gorgeous tear-stained guestbook entry, imagine what they could do with a longer piece of writing?!".

After recruiting from both the mailing list and web site at large, we're pleased to present the first round of submissions. Some are serious academic treatises. Some are sweet little tales about Roddy's music being there at the exact moment when someone needed it. Together, they are a mosaic of experiences that all AC/RF fans have had at one point or another.

  Essay archive:
    • Danny Burkinshaw: The Roddy Frame Fan Experience
    • Albert Chincuanco: A Little Help from The Boy Wonder
    • Brad Dayton: Mistaken Identity
    • Eva: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Poet
    • Michael Gallagher: in Retrospect
    • Bronwyn Jones: Tonight is a Perfect Example
    • Lev: Reminiscences
    • Kristin Pradlik: Quietly Persistent
    • Richard Watt: The Perfect Song
    • Kym S. Prieto (Magus): Freefall and Frame
    • Squid: Clearing Out the Old House
    • Warren Stalley: My Camera
    • Warren Stalley: Surf Stuff





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