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"I think things should be better. I think there should be a better place. I don't think anyone should be bored at all. I think it's just that people lose touch and fall into boredom. I used to be bored at school. But then I left and discovered interesting things like reading." (1981)


Do you have any idea how many interviews Roddy has given to the global print media throughout the years? Well, we don't have an exact figure in mind but we know it's an awful lot. The Articles Archive of features a good chunk of them which were mostly contributed by our guests from around the world. Writers never seem to run out of questions and, luckily, Roddy's hardly ever at a loss for words. So put on your reading glasses and choose an article from the dropdown list below.

Newest Additions:

       "Three Is the Magic Number" (04/28/06)
       The Sunday Herald article (04/30/06)





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