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Aztec Anorak Fan Convention

The seemingly small and lonely world of faithful Roddy Frame followers became a much friendlier place on March 18, 2000 when fans (hereby known as Aztec Anoraks) from all over the globe came by car, plane, boat, bus and train to London's King's Head pub for a fun-filled evening of music and celebration.

Over the years many mailing list members and web site visitors have met at various times and places on an individual basis, but the goal of the Aztec Anorak convention was to try and pack as many fans as possible into one room at the same time. It was an ideal opportunity for many to get re-acquainted and, for those people who hadn't previously met, it was a chance to finally put faces to now familiar names.

Featured performers at the King's Head included Nick, Ben and Neil (sorry, guys, I didn't catch the last names!), Dan Yechout, Rick Strang, Danny Tennyson, Stuart Matthews and Ken McCormack. It didn't take long though for everyone in the room to join in somehow, whether that meant providing backing vocals to the cover tunes or recreating flamenco dance steps from the "Spanish Horses" video.

A huge round of thanks to all those in attendance, especially everyone who volunteered their time and talents to make it a great success.

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  Audio Clips    

Nick, Ben & Neil
3m 16s | 1.35mb
Nick, Ben & Neil
3m 40s | 1.51mb
Reason for Living
Nick, Ben & Neil
2m 56s | 1.21mb
I Threw It All Away
Dan Yechout
3m 22s | 1.39mb
The Crying Scene
Dan Yechout
2m 33s | 1.05mb
Back On Board
Dan Yechout & Rick Strang
2m 33s | 1.05mb
Mattress of Wire
Rick Strang
3m 09s | 1.30mb
Killermont Street
Rick Strang
2m 40s | 1.09mb
Everybody is a Number One
Rick Strang
2m 49s | 1.16mb
The Birth of the True
Danny Tennyson & Jenniene Ashmore
2m 44s | 1.13mb
Good Morning Britain
Danny Tennyson
4m 35s | 1.88mb
Down the Dip/Somewhere in My Heart
Danny Tennyson
4m 01s | 1.65mb
Let Your Love Decide
Stuart Matthews & Ken McCormack
5m 25s | 2.23mb
Hymn to Grace
Stuart Matthews & Ken McCormack
3m 24s | 1.40mb
Spanish Horses
Stuart Matthews & Ken McCormack
5m 06s | 2.10mb
Stuart Matthews & Ken McCormack
5m 13s | 2.15mb
Oblivious #2
Stuart Matthews & Ken McCormack
4m 28s | 1.84mb
Somewhere in My Heart/
The Birth of the True

Nick, Ben, Neil & Everyone
5m 06s | 2.54mb
American Pie
Danny Tennyson
6m 50s | 2.41mb

  Video Clips    

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click to download video Sun | 2.18mb
Nick, Ben and Neil
click to download video I Threw It All Away | 2.00mb
Dan Yechout
click to download video Everybody is a Number One | 1.66mb
Rick Strang
click to download video The Birth of the True | 1.44mb
Danny Tennyson and Jenniene Ashmore
click to download video Oblivious | 2.66mb
Stuart Matthews and Ken McCormack





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